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Monday, August 30, 2010


After a long hiatus, I've decided to build a site once more.
This site is media-oriented and will feature both demo MP3s,
and YouTube video embeds. There are already close to ten audio
selections available.

Visit the Hypnotic Orchard by clicking the title of this post.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Web Interruptus

My long-suffering old laptop has gone into its death-throes.
So in late August, just after my last post to this blog, I
went up on eBay looking for a new computer.

I actually found a great deal on a barebones unit, and am
currently populating same with software. So if the posting
goes a bit slowly for the moment, its because I am still
outfitting this new machine.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Leave to Remain ACQUIRED!

I will never have to leave the United Kingdom again,
except to visit My family or due to cirumstances
beyond My control. I am very happy!

On a more sombre front, My current computer is in
process of dying; I am therefore rushing to make as
many videos as possible, in the hopes of garnering
enough cash to buy a new one. If you wish to
contribute to the 'cause', seek out My and My
Nightgod's videos on VEOH. Google Video does not
as yet allow UK residents to sell their videos...
or one can seek out My Clips4Sale studio.

If one is in search of My audio, there are 10 CDs
available from IAC Music.

I won't be chatting much until I have a new machine,
to keep undue strain off the processor and RAM.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hiatus -- And a bit of Basic Information

I'm now deep in preparation for the Life in the UK test, prior to submitting
My application for permanent Leave to Remain in the UK as a resident.

While I'm in this phase, no demands on My time may be made by hypno-fans
save by prior arrangement. In addition, I feel it is time to clear up
a few misconceptions. This is due to extreme tiredness of having My
valuable time wasted.


To all freebie-seekers; I am NOT the
one you want. I'm both a Lifestyle and Professional Hypnodomme,
and ALL subs and slaves WILL tribute or be very quickly KICKED TO
THE CURB! In addition payments for hypnosis sessions with Me
are considered Service Payments ONLY. Tribute is over and above
product and services payments. Products are MP3s, CDs, and Videos,
links for which may be found various places on the WWW.

Read carefully all, and beware in future of rousing the anger
of the Hypnogoddess!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

For Those Who Might Not Be Aware Yet...

Though My sites are free to visit, I do not do hypnosis for free.
I am a fully Certified Hypnotist, and had to pay for and pass
rigorous training for that certification.

Would you ask your physician or clinical psychologist to treat
you for free? I guarantee you would be laughed out of said
providor's office!

I have free audio and some video sessions available; let this
be enough for the freebie seeker. After all, this is My job.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Belated Happy New Year!

I hope all my readers' holidays were simply splendid.
On the site development front, I've added a streaming
video channel to the newest Media portal.

Visit it on the following link; note hypnosis videos
are not all this gallery has to offer.

Hypnomedia Streaming Broadcast Channel

I'm continuing slowly to upload videos to Revver.
They are much more picky (and possibly less observant)
than YouTube...I have been questioned on copyright where
no copyright exists on several occasions; hence the smallness
of the current collection there. However if one views my
video offerings on Revver, I make money without the viewer
spending any! So any clicks of My Revver widget off this
blog will be greatly apporeciated. Widget will be installed
this weekend.

If any of the readers wish to know what is happening on
the user-created video front, there is also a Google Group
I own where the latest Hypnomedia news, plus any news on
the user video front I happen upon will be posted.

Join the User Video Universe from the following link...

Google Group User Video Universe

I will be on the Net less frequently for a while due to personal
business needing attention...let 2007 be the best year ever for
all of us!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Video Feed Subscription Now Available on New Media Portal

I have done what very few YouTube publishers have.
I have learned to use the RSS feed availability
that you miss if you don't watch the onsite links
at the bottom very carefully.

In addition, I found an absolute dream of a HD
(High Definition) video streaming program that
will take this feed as a distributed channel!

Best of all, this program is Open source and free
to download and use.

So...I have converted the YouTube link button on
the index of the site into a video subscription
button instead.

For those of you who may be impatient, here is
a direct link to the video subscription page.

Hypnomedia Video Subscription Page

For those who may not yet have visited...

Hypnomedia Portal V 1.0

There are a host of channels available
through the Democracy player that the
one-click subscription button leads to.

Have fun with this new gift; I am off
to do some learning and scripting!